Dropping off a motivational quote before I lace up and do an afternoon run.

“The will to win means nothing without the will to prepare.”

-Juma Ikangaa, 1989 NYC Marathon winner

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It was my second 5K race and my first time to run in Quezon City. Along Commonwealth Avenue, no less! What seems to be a flat route was, in fact, like rolling hills. And for someone whose training was sidetracked by typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng, it was difficult for me to keep a good pace. Because my aunt was always a few meters ahead of me, it was only my ego that kept me going. (She jogs around the village everyday while I, uh, never mind.)

I wore my new Nike Structure Triax, which I had barely broken into, during the race. Halfway through the 5K, I felt like I was about to get blisters. Luckily, my feet were generally okay after the race. I’m happy to have switched to a pair of stability shoes because my knees didn’t complain, not even a whimper, after that 5K run.

I finished the race with an unofficial time of 59:38.  A part of me is very disappointed with this time. It is no improvement from my Kenny’s Urbanite time of 53:27. But another part of me still gives me a pat on the back for crossing the finish line. The moral lesson? Train, train, train!

As to how the race was organized, here are some of my observations.  Registration was seamless! My husband and I registered early at Nike Park BHS and we were able to get the race kits immediately. It appears that the race organizer, Finishline, has learned its lesson from previous races (Globe-Ayala Run for Home and Kenny’s Urbanite Run), where claiming of kits became a riot.

race kit

The race was well-attended. Thousands came wearing their QCIM singlets. The route was good too, I believe. Although motorists wouldn’t feel as positive because of all the heavy traffic the race caused. Close Quezon City Circle and all roads leading to it and you can just imagine. There were ample water stations and road marshalls along the route as well.

What pogi points the race organizers had for pre-race preparedness, they lacked in post-race. As of this writing, Finishline has yet to release the official race results as well as the individual run report. It has been a complete two weeks since the race — I wonder what’s keeping them that long. The Photovendo site has also been down so there’s no way to see actual running photos. I’ll just have to contend with these shots in front of the Quezon City Hall. Hehe.


Partners in Crime


Marvin takes a photo of his mom and her bestfriend


It's a family affair!

The destruction and misery that Typhoon Ondoy has caused the nation is one for the books. What’s even greater, and much more amazing, is the spirit of bayanihan that has since re-blossomed from the hearts of the Filipinos. It didn’t take long after the typhoon when donations in cash and in kind started coming in. Thousands of volunteers shared their time in preparing and distributing the relief goods to sites affected by the floods. Some are also helping in the clean-up. Somehow, we never run out of ways to help.

Here’s another way to help Typhoon Ondoy victims – The Rescue Run!

When: Oct 10, Saturday, 5:30am

Distances: 3K/5K/10K

Registration Fee (Donation, actually): P200 (higher amounts are welcome)

Venue: SM Mall of Asia

Non-runners can also help in the packing and/or transport of goods after the race. Beneficiary is the Philippine National Red Cross.

For more details, visit http://run4change.com/rescuerun

Tara, takbo tayo!

The Ayala Malls Eco Dash took the Bonifacio Global City by storm — literally! It has been raining several days before the race so I expected (and even wished for) a downpour on race day. But when I woke up at 4AM to prepare for the race and it was raining so hard, I suddenly felt guilty. Ang lakas ko pala magdasal.

We rushed to the venue only to find out that the race was delayed by 30 minutes, apparently to give allowance to runners arriving late due to the heavy rains. It was drizzling so we took cover under one of the booths while waiting for our respective gun starts. As I took my position towards the starting line, the drizzle turned into a downpour as if the clouds were cheering for us! The 3K racers squealed in excitement at the rains and “BANG!” we ran off.

Having been unable to warm up, I went easy with my run. All throughout the race, I walked when I got tired and ran when I got bored.  This was my first time to run without my music. I didn’t bring my iPod Touch because I was sure it was going to get wet (and broken). I don’t know if not having music was good for my run but I sure didn’t have my Spice Girls cheering on me. Hehehe.

The air was cool. The route was easy. The route markers were displaced by the strong winds. There were sufficient race marshalls. There were even ladies taking note of our race bib numbers for reasons I do not know.

I was informed that the bar code attached to the race bib was for time monitoring but all the organizers did was collect the bar code as we crossed the finish line. Until now, race results are not yet out. It was hard to estimate the race time too because they only had one timer and it started with the 21K race.

Anyway, this was my second 3K race and my goal was to do better than my first 3K, which was the Globe Run for Home.  I had been training — running, swimming, and doing yoga — since that first race so I was confident that I would do better. So imagine my horror and disappointment when I found out that my estimated, unofficial time for the Eco Dash was 33 minutes! Eek! That’s 3 minutes more than my very first, training-less, virgin run! How can that be?

Out of curiosity, I plotted the route on MapMyRun.com and discovered that the actual race route was not an exact 3K. It was 3.4K. From there, I did some math and was pleased to find out that I ran at a slightly faster pace than my first run. More than that, I realized that a better measure of “doing better” is how my body felt after the race. Unlike after my first race, my body was not aching all over and my legs were just fine. What a huge improvement! Even if I hadn’t run a faster pace, I would still be grateful that my body is now able to handle bigger challenges. 🙂

Kate and Marvin channel Aegis and sing, "Heto ako... basang-basa sa ulaaaan!"

Kate and Marvin channel Aegis and sing, "Heto ako... basang-basa sa ulaaaan!"

I often get a sharp pain at the side of my abdomen while running so I thought about sharing with you a tip to help alleviate side stitches.

Notice which foot is striking the ground when you inhale and exhale. Then switch the pattern. So if you were leading with your right foot, inhale when the left foot steps. If that doesn’t help, stop running and reach both arms above your head. Bend at the waist, leaning to the side opposite the stitch.

via Avoid Midrun Injuries at Runner’s World.

I have always had problematic feet. When I was very young, I had to wear horrific-looking corrective orthopedic shoes in school because I was flat-footed. (I’d like to call them “stability shoes” now. Hehe!) I am also knock-kneed, which somehow never got corrected. Plus my left leg seems to be shorter by a couple of centimeters. Having said those, it comes as no surprise that I was the quintessential lampa in the family.

Anyway, I have this recurring pain in my left foot. I suspect that it was caused by a wrong pair of rubber shoes that I purchased on impulse. Huhuhu! The pain never went away even after I gave the shoes away. So I decided to have my foot checked at the Pain and Rehab Care at the 5th floor of SM Megamall Building B. I also have finger and lower back pains, making the trip worth my while.

After consutation with Dr. Gilbert Tan, I was prescribed anti-inflammatory meds and physical therapy (PT). The first PT session was conducted right after the consultation. My foot was dipped in hot paraffin wax to stimulate circulation (and healing, I suppose). The laser machine was used for the painful joints in my fingers. For my lower back, the therapist used hot compress, the ultrasound machine, and the TENS machine, which was nakaka-tense at first because it’s nakaka-kuryente. Hehe! I eventually felt relaxed until I dozed off. I only woke up when therapist came back to help me with some exercises.

Overall, the first PT session went well. I’ll keep you updated on the developments.

P.S. I didn’t bother to ask the doc if I should give running a rest. Hihihi!

P.P.S. The PT actually measured my legs yesterday and my left leg is 1 centimeter shorter than the other. He said it’s nothing to be worried about because my body has long learned to adapt to it.

It was a lazy non-working holiday so I decided to lace up and run. Seldom do I get the chance to go outside at 3:00 pm without having to squint my eyes because of the intense heat. Thanks to typhoon Labuyo, the streets were shaded by the clouds and the air was cool. But it was boring.

Suddenly, it drizzled. And I didn’t care. I thought to myself, I ran at Ultra last Friday for 30 minutes while it was drizzling so this is nothing. And then it poured. Really hard. My running-in-the-rain-at-Ultra-felt-good was NOTHING compared to this. This is GREAT! It was like being a kid again. Only this time, I didn’t have to ask permission if I could play in the rain!

I could barely hear them through the rain but I knew that the Black Eyed Peas were cheering for me. And running running… and running running…let’s get it started!

I continued to run under the rain for 500 meters or so then I headed back into the house. The only thing that stopped me from getting soaked even further aside from the weird looks of the carpenters in the area was the fear that I might get struck by lightning. Yikes!

P.S. I am now dry as I write this. Although my singlet is still dripping wet. 😉

P.P.S. I found out that my pace was my best ever. It must be the rain. Ahlavet!